Online freelance writing jobs for content writers

We live in a great time for freelance writers. There are lots of opportunities, especially when it comes to online content and digital marketing. And it is a pretty good job – it is flexible, convenient, and can provide quite a good living. Many sites and agencies offer various online freelance writing jobs with reasonable pricing. No surprise that many people are considering it as a career option. 

If you are one of them and want to know where to find freelance writing jobs and what skills and qualifications you need, just keep reading. 

Online freelance writing jobs

Types of Online Freelance Writing Jobs

As I’ve mentioned, there are many different freelance writing opportunities both for beginners and high-profile experts. It is essential to know what your niche is and what you can do. Not every gig is created the same. Sometimes bloggers can gain a lot because customers can pay a good price for content when others should work on several jobs for a living. Even if you are extremely experienced, you won’t be able to do everything. It is better to narrow options down to stick to what is your strength.  

Overall, paid online writing jobs can be divided into several categories. 

1. Content writing

It is probably the biggest category out of all. Simply because it includes many sub-categories and styles. Generally speaking, it is all about the content that is posted online. The main goal is to create original and entertaining content, whether it is a blog post, essay, or article. Online freelance writing jobs in this category can include ghostwriting for companies or influencers. 

It takes a lot of research skills, creativity, and great style to be good at it. It would also be extremely helpful to know the SEO basics.

Moreover, if you are ding food with grammar, you can also add a freelance proofreading job to your list. After all, there are tons of articles and blog posts out there, so yours should really engage with the audience. As it is one of the most popular options, there are lots of writing jobs online for everyone. 

2. Copywriting

This category focuses on creating promotional content. The main goal is to endorse action among readers – to buy a product or learn more about the company. Copywriting can come in blog posts and articles, but it can also be something like a sales page, promotion campaign, product description, or website landing page. 

This freelance writer opportunity requires strong knowledge of SEO and digital marketing. It is not solely about the style of what you write, but about incorporating keywords and CTAs. Another essential part of it is knowing how to persuade people and use factual information, statistical data, or emotional appeal to make the text more powerful. There are many freelance writer jobs online for copywriting, but it is not for everyone. 

3. Technical writing

Technical writing is quite a narrow specialty. It is perfect for those, who have technical background or education. Technical writers create instructions and product descriptions for specialized equipment, machinery, or solutions. For example, every time you buy a new multicooker or power bank, there is always an instruction. It was written by a technical writer. 

This freelance writing work demands formal style, knowledge of industry-specific terms, and the ability to explain complex concepts comprehensively. The downside is that it is not very creative. No one will appreciate your puns in a technical report. 

4. Featured articles

If you are into journalism, this is a great option. It is the most traditional category and now many magazines and newspapers are open to featured articles done by freelancers. The advantage is that your work will be signed by your name. You can also create something truly unique and share your expertise. The downside is that there are not many job offers here. Yes, some professionals make their living by posting only featured articles, but those are usually experts and household names in a particular field. If you are just a good writer, you’ll have to take other online freelance writing jobs eventually.

5. Social Meia content

social media content as a freelance writing job

I’ve divided it into a separate category because it requires a specific skill set. You need to be not only tech-savvy and know your SEO but also be on top of the internet culture. Social media management and content creation also often require image editing. There is also more focus on the audience and their expectations as well as demographics. And the other challenging part is that such texts are always limited in volume by a platform. 

Qualifications You Need to Apply for Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Of course, there is no such thing as a Freelance Writer BA. Well, not for now, at least. But it doesn’t mean that this job is for everyone. It has many benefits, so lots of people think that good English is what it takes. 

I know English and I have an internet connection, it is enough. Now, let’s make some money. 

What typical freelance writing beginners say

Unfortunately for them, it is not the case. And this trend ended up in the market flooded with bad writers. They always charge lower, but the content is low-quality too. Because of that, many companies and individual clients have trust issues now. 

Before you think of how to get freelance writing jobs, you need to ask yourself whether you’ve got what it takes. Here are some skills and qualifications you will need: 

  • Good writing. It is obvious, but I do not mean just being able to type. You need to adopt several styles, and be ready to change them. Adjust to the audience and subject. Have great vocabulary. The majority of freelance writer jobs require a high level of creativity and the ability to generate ideas on demand. 
  • Strong time management. Working for yourself is challenging for many because they cannot manage their time and do not practice self-discipline. A huge chunk of your work will be not writing but surfing freelance writing websites to find a gig, communicating, pitching your proposition, editing, invoicing, etc. And you have to meet deadlines all the time. 
  • Education or training. You don’t have to be an English major (although it would help), but you need some training for professional growth. You can take online courses on SEO, copywriting, different styles, techniques, etc. It is not as simple as it might seem. And the industry changes rapidly, so you need to have a hand on the pulse. 
  • Research. No one writes a good text without intense research. You need to know where to find specific information, like statistical data, for example. You need to read a lot and learn how to scan through texts to see whether they are any good. Analytical skills are also a must. Find the appropriate data, convert it to the style, and use it. 
  • Accounting. It is not always the case; some prefer to hire professionals for that. But if you do not have many online freelance writing jobs, you’ll have to do it yourself. Depending on the country where you live and your work methods, you’ll need to learn about invoicing, taxes, and all that jazz. Yes, it is not sexy, I know. 
  • SEO and digital marketing basics. When it comes to the best online writing jobs, they always have to do with SEO, keyword density, CTA, etc. You’ll need to know the main principles of how Google search engine rates websites and what texts perform better. 
  • Handle rejection and criticism well. Applying to all projects offered on freelance writing websites does not mean that you’ll automatically get them. The crazy part is – you’ll probably get 15% of them. Rejection is just a massive part of freelancing in general. You need to pitch yourself and your services. You also need to be ok with the fact that no matter how hard you pitch, many will still say “no”. And do not get me started on edits and comments. You’ll get them quite often and it is important to take criticism well and learn from it. 

Well, if after all of that, you are still here and want to find online freelance writing jobs. I have already written an article where you can find a freelance writer for your blog, so it will be useful for those seeking work as well. In this article, I’ll also share some great advice.

The list below is what you need. I have divided them by levels of writing – for beginners, experienced writers, and niche experts.  

The Best Online Writing Jobs Websites for Beginners

  • Craigslist

Yes, it doesn’t have the best reputation out there and is not a writing-specific site. But, Craigslist is a great way to start. It takes a decent amount of digging to find a decent gig, but there are some freelance writer jobs to bid on. The benefit is that the expectations there are lower and as a beginner, you can build your portfolio on these projects. And you’ll learn more about pitching and time management. 

  • Writerbay

This is another appropriate place to start. It is free to use and there is no registration fee. To access freelance writing opportunities, you need to set an account, pass the grammar and formatting test, and provide a sample essay. After that, you are good to go. There is also an option to upload certifications and qualification documents, so your resume looks more professional.

  • iWriter

It is one of the well-known and reliable freelance writing websites for beginners. You’ll need to create an account and write two test texts. Do not worry; they are about 250 words each. Now you can apply to gigs and look for customers. There is an internal rating system, so the better your content is, the more you earn. Everyone starts as a Standard writer and works their way up to Elite. 

  • Genuine Jobs

Here you can find paid online writing jobs even with little experience. It is not specifically for writing, there is any type of listings there. But it has a good database, there is no need to register to view offers and there are no fees for projects from the website. For beginners, it is quite a helpful option. 

Freelance Writing Websites for Qualified Writers

  • Upwork

It is a large freelance marketplace for all types of professionals. It is in this category because there is a huge amount of gigs available. But to pitch the best ones, you need to build your reputation. The site has a rating system, so the more you work, the better your profile will look. The site does take fees from each project, so consider it when bidding on the price. 

  • FlexJobs

Qualified writers use FlexJobs to find relevant and beneficial offers. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners because it is available only for a paid subscription. Also, the expectations are pretty high here. What are the benefits? Well, all the listings are relevant and verified. There are no scams, only real clients that are ready to pay for your services. The range of freelance writer jobs is imposing too. 

  • Journalism Jobs

For those who prefer to write featured articles and work on a journalistic side of the spectrum, this one is a great choice. Journalism Jobs is a long-standing marketplace to find excellent projects in this field. You need to register, create an account, and upload your resume to apply for a listing. You can choose specific categories to subscribe to. But if you want, just browse offers – it is accessible without registration. 

  • Constant Content

This is an agency, not a marketplace. Nevertheless, it is a suitable site for professional writers. As usual, you need to create a profile and list all your skills and qualifications. After that, you can apply for various jobs. All of them are verified and relevant. But you probably will need to know your SEO, as it is one of the main parts of the agency’s brand. 

Online Freelance Writing Jobs for Niche Experts

  • BloggingPro

This website offers fantastic opportunities. Many listings are for blog writers, but there are also some editorial or content creation offers. It is updated daily and there are many listings. The only downside is that there is no verification for jobs, so you need to be conscious about it. But, as an expert, you do not need advice on that, I think. 

  • JustTechJobs

II you are a technical writer, there is no better place than this one. This site hosts only technology-related gigs, including writing. So you can concentrate on what you are good at. You can register and create an account, there are advanced search features, and overall, the platform is quite fascinating. The listings are relevant and well-written. The rates are also on the higher end. 

  • Guru

It is an excellent site with many freelance writing opportunities for experts. You can create a profile with your best works as a portfolio. You can also set the primary skills you have and set the standard rate, which saves a lot of time on bidding. And you can find precisely the type of gigs you are best known for. 

  • ProBlogger Job Board

The main focus of this platform is blogging. There are relevant listings and almost no scams at all, as posting a gig costs from $70. The clients here are ready to pay for your expertise and many companies, and individuals value this site a lot. You can find both short- and long-term gigs on the subject that is interesting for you. 

hire freelance writers

Good luck with your first work as a beginner freelance writer

Do not forget that you can always help some of your friends with content. It might sound strange or even stupid, but I know many known authors who have started by helping their friends with content.

Be it a website sales copy, SEO focused article, or a technical blog post, there are many options available if you ask your friends if they need your help

You should also know that my companies currently do not have any open positions for beginners, but several years back I would have hired you as well. So ask everyone, do not be shy 😉


By the moment when you read this article, things might have changed. Therefore, feel free to contact me or my team for updated information.

Not being too dramatic

There are many helpful sites with online freelance writing jobs both for beginners and experienced professionals. With a decent effort, you can find new ways to make money as a writer and start constructing a basis for a living.

Just do not forget that freelance writing requires high-level skills, time management, and self-discipline to become an elite expert. 

From now on, you are ready to get your dreamed freelance writing job. Aren’t you?

Vasy Kafidoff
Vasy Kafidoff

Vasyl Kafidoff is a founder and mastermind of KAFIDOFF.COM. He has a strong interest in education, modern technology, marketing, and business management.

If Vasy is not working, you can find him somewhere in the world attending a Rock Concert with his mates.

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