Who is Vasy Kafidoff?

Well, I will try not to keep this a cliched introduction because that would bore the life out of you, wouldn’t it?

Let’s quickly take a glance at who I am and everyone who is a part of my team.

Vasy Kafidoff

I am a young entrepreneur that has already established and worked with four different businesses. All these businesses are related to online writing and so. 

Through years of work with different writers, I learned a lot from them and finally decided to try my luck in the writing field and started to write. 

As an owner of several small businesses, I understand the importance of content. Now, I do not mean that sticky sales copy, argh, goosebumps! Horror! My eyes! 

I’m talking about real educational content that will be useful for a reader. Content that will solve problems of loyal and potential customers.

That’s why I write content based on my personal experience, well, based on in-depth research and with respect to the audience I’m writing for.

And the most important – my copy should and will sound LIKE you or your business had written it!


As a Writer

copywriting geek

It’s not about “grammar addiction”, I like when the content is structured well and easy to read, even when its super technical stuff – it should be readable. I believe that each writer as a rap singer has its own flow and rhythm, his own movements and the structure of words. I like when people subconsciously want to share a copy with others from the very moment they started reading.


Yes, it might sound stupid, how would you be able to write a sales copy with a call to action if you hate sales? I am the one who believes in the inbound methodology. This helps me to think about each copy as a source of information that allows the reader to achieve their current goals, be it a sales copy for a commercial landing page or how-to article.

good team

Oh yeah! They are my superpower, and I’m proud of my team. If you think that every writer writes on his/her own – you’re mistaken. I can surely say that 99% of industry-leading writers are using the help of editors. Moreover, they are generating ideas together with a professional team. Believe me, I’m in this industry for more than seven years now, and I’m happy to share this inside wit you.

I Love Myself

There might be situations when I feel that the person or team that wants to work with me is not “mine”. If I think that this can ruin our collaboration, I’ll better stop working from the beginning to avoid any further misunderstandings.

My time costs money and sometimes it’s better to stop from the beginning and lose money than to get in the disagreement routine or even worth than that.

vasy kafidoff as a person got this

As a Person

good communicator

I am a very flexible person and can find “lingua franca” almost with anyone, which helps me find appropriate solutions for strenuous and unusual cases. 


Not only by soul but through all the daily beings. I’ve founded 4 different businesses and now running another two projects, and I know what it is to be an entrepreneur and what any business needs in terms of marketing, sales and services. Therefore, it’s easier for me to dive deeply into each case I work with.

mix of critical and creative thinking 

I am that kind of creative person who still searches for critical and strategical things. And it was hard to find working proportion or let us say a mix of creativity together with critical thinking. Some super creative people can lose themselves in dreams. It can happen with every person who has at least 1% of creativity as well as with me. When I lose myself in creativity, my critical thinking can bring me back to the real world in seconds. I think this mix helps me to create and make something different in a manner of time.


I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and, believe me, Kyiv is the best city in the world. 

I definitely recommend all of you to visit this excellent place one day.

All my life I have enjoyed helping people in solving their problems, that’s why I decided to study law. After six years of hard studies, now I’m a Master in Law by certificate, but an entrepreneur by passion and profession. 

After working with several teams from different industries, I realized that I want to be absolutely independent. That’s why I decided to try myself as an entrepreneur.

I want your business to have a more straightforward business life

Vasy Kafidoff

I had good times and bad times through years of working and now I’m glad I had both. Both successful startups and totally unsuccessful. I’ve learned a lot through this time, and that only gave me a push. As they say: “No pain, no gain.”

Being an entrepreneur and co-founder of different businesses taught me such essential stuff as strict deadlines and daily lack of budget. I’m glad I’ve survived and now I continue walking in the same direction with a bag of experience.

Some Interesting Facts

  1. If we talk about winter sports, and you ask me what is better skiing or snowboarding? I’ll definitely answer that snowboarding is better. Yes, we are snowboarders and we are the best 😉
  2. I had the possibility to live in Malaga (southern part of Spain) for around half a year. And now I can surely say that “Gracias a Malaga, ahora soy una persona muuuuuy tranquila” that means that you should try really-really-reeeaaaaaly hard to get me crazy.
  3. I’m afraid of unsolved issues. If I start thinking of a solution for some case, I’ll break the walls but find some possible options (as I believe there is always an option, you should only start searching)
  4. Am fun of alternative music, aspiring drummer, have a passion to attend live shows and festivals all around the world. This drives me and makes me feel I’m alive.

My projects

Currently, I’m focusing on two main projects. 

The first one is a copywriting service WritingMetier.com which has been established in cooperation with my friend and business partner Viatalii. This service provides expert writing assistance in different fields starting from academic writing help up to various business and content writing gigs.

The other one is Kafidoff.com – a place where you can find a great selection of writing and blogging tips by checking up the Blog, as well as collaborating with niche experts in case you need help with writing ANY type of content.

Last but not least, I’m a co-founder and producer of the Admitted Channel on Youtube, where we share tips and great ways for students from CIS countries to apply to international universities on a free basis.

Also, I’m advising three other businesses, one of which is also in the writing field. 

As I am personally working in the writing field, I have experience working with hundreds of different writers, some of them are good, some of them are better, but I personally love working with NICHE BEST WRITERS as they know their job and are ready to provide expert assistance.

Where I Write

Meanwhile, when I’m free of my business routine, besides kafidoff.com, I also write for different blogs or simply share my thoughts and experience with the world.

What good is knowledge if you can’t share it with others?

Who I Work With?

No matter if it’s B2C or B2B sector. I mostly work with owners of small businesses or people who just started working on their personal brand and need help in searching for their professional voice.

I like to engage when I write. Isn’t engagement the only reason people select your article between hundreds of thousands of others?

My personal writing style suits some businesses better than others; still, I’m not tied to some specific industry.

Are you a tech startup willing to get help with the content for your website?

Maybe you are running a small craft liquor business or a super niche traveling company?

You can be an expert digital marketer, that seeking help outsourcing the blogging part of your business.

Okay, are you running an educational blog?

Or you have launched a new product and need help with the description for your Kickstarter campaign?

Let’s collaborate. I’m ready to help if you are to change the world.

We Will Collaborate IF:

– you are expecting to get engaging and researched content (yes, I will spend time and put my extra effort in order to provide the best possible copy)

– if your product changes the world or at least willing to (oh yeah, I’ll be happy to assist)

– if you are ready to provide clear instructions for your task (or in case you don’t, you should rely on my personal opinion in the final copy)

We Won’t Collaborate IF:

– This is a feature you need to have 10 articles per day (it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality, I won’t even start working on such a task)

– if you ignore me or do not answer my questions directly (I hate when people do not listen or neglect, so let’s communicate)

– if you are not ready to pay extra for extra work (I value my time and love when others do)

I write for businesses that bring positive changes to our daily beings, as I personally want to live in a better world.

I help brands to change the world using words!