How much should you pay for a blog post?

How are you all doing? Within the last several weeks, I was researching average blog post rates, and I think my findings will be interesting for all of you. So, let us figure out how much to charge for a blog post.

In this article, I will explain how much you should pay for a blog writer if you are a business or a solopreneur as well as describe freelance blogging rates for the ones who work as freelance writers.

how much to charge for a blog post
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How much should I charge for a 1000 words article?

As I found in most cases, people google for something like “how much should you charge for a 500 words article, 1000 words blog, 2000 words..” and even more when they are looking for the best price to sell their articles online

Let’s start with the reason why people search for these specific queries.

There were times when people used to write 500 or 700 words of general blog articles for their personal blogs or to use them for guest blogging. Due to significant changes in Google Algorithms, nowadays, people are searching for deeply researched pieces that include not only general ideas but expertise in the topic. 

A man a very few words, ladies and gentlemen

There is one famous phrase that yall might hear plenty of times from your parents, teachers, or friends – “Brevity is the soul of wit”. And yes, it is true.

Sometimes you need to explain your ideas shortly and quickly. But it’s not always working if we talk about blogs or articles, especially if they are about some specific topics. 

So how long should your articles be?

In my personal opinion, if you are willing to share your expertise in a blog post, 500 words are not always enough, because you won’t be able to completely elaborate.

Hmmm… maybe 1000 words? Yes, it’s better, and in most cases, it should work, but only if there is no need to dive deeper. 

So what about 1500-2000 words blog posts? I strongly believe that this is the best size of an article. Because you will be able to not only talk about the topic but also share your expertise with real-life experience.

Some people and companies even write 3000-4000 or even 5000 words articles.

According to the research completed by MOZ, such articles get the most shares on Social Media. But what about the reader? Will he or she read the whole content or jump through the headlines to find an appropriate part? 

I have interviewed 34 people of different ages from various industries to provide you with the exact statistics. I was pleased to find out that 52% of responders love reading long articles while the rest 48% do not want to spend their time and select reading shorter articles. 

!!!Please take into account that I’m not a professional sociologist!!!

Still, it was funny to find that it’s almost 50/50. Therefore, I decided to leave this question open and leave this work to professional researchers.

Why did I tell you everything above? I just explained to you the reason why I decided to search for how much should I charge for a 1000-word article, not 500 words or 700 wrds.

From this very moment, when I’ll be talking about the price per blog, I’ll be talking about 1000 words blog posts.

If you are a writer looking to find how much should I charge for a 1000 word article – this is the question I’m going to answer in my post.

I decided to break my research into two pieces.

In the first part, I’ll be talking about freelance blog writers rates. In the second part, I’ll be discussing blog writing service pricing (when I talk about services, I mean companies that are working in the writing industry).

So, let’s begin.

How much to charge for a blog post

I need to start by telling you that there is no exact rate per blog post, as each freelance writer has different writing and expertise levels. So I’ll be listing rates according to the level of writers.

Low-level writers – from $20 to $50 per blog post

I was shocked that there are still writers who write a 1000 words blog post at the price of 20-30 bucks

english do you speak it?

Once again, let us ask ourselves: how much does a 1000 word article cost? Is it enough for a writer to get $20-30? For some of us, it might sound strange, but the truth is that there are some “experts” who can handle this work for such a low rate.

Yes, most of these writers are foreigners who can speak English, but it doesn’t mean that they can write in most cases. Learning professional grammar is way more complicated than learning to talk. 

!IMPORTANT! As always, there are some exceptions to the rules, and there are some qualified writers who work at these rates, if you know some, please share their contacts 😉

I’m talking in general as 99% of writers who work for such low freelance blogger rates have issues with their final drafts. And you need to spend your precious time editing the draft on your own or ask for numerous revisions. Moreover, in most cases, you can’t get approximates of how long will it take them to write an article.

Still, there are some businesses with tight budgets requiring assistance on an urgent basis or with bulk article orders. So low-level blog writer’s salary can be quite high in case they have numerous customers that require daily or weekly help

So what are the pros and cons of such writers?


* 24/7 availability;

* Any urgency options (even if you need an article within 16-24 hours, they can get it done);

* Price;

* They can handle bulk article orders on ANY topic.


* Quality;

* Grammar issues;

* Plagiarism issues;

* Technical mistakes.

Mid-level writers from $70 up to $150 per blog post.

More than half of the market belongs to mid-level writers. Blog writing rates will vary according to the experience of each writer. I’m currently one of them as well, but I’m working hard to get to the premier league someday.

Many mid-level writers are googling for how much to charge per blog post. Some think that $70 will be enough, some others believe they deserved $100+ for their time and effort.

These writers usually work with some specific topics, as they like to share their expertise in the field they are working in. There are fewer of them who say that they are qualified in all niches if so, in my opinion, they are liars. 

I’m sorry, colleagues, do you get paid for writing a blog for $100 and do not have some particular niche expertise? If you are ready to handle any articles, most of your blogs won’t be qualified enough without the personal knowledge and experience shared in the article.

Let’s jump to the pros and cons.


* Flexible schedule;

* Can handle urgent 24-48 hours blog posts;

* Affordable price.


* Most of them can’t handle any topic, but work with specific niches;

* Can be issues with quality in case they are ready to handle any topic;

* They write in their own personal voice and can be questions in case you want them to write in “your tone of voice”;

* Not always ready to work with bulk blog articles order;

* Might still have grammar issues.

High-level writers starting from $300 and up to ~ per article

High-level writers are the real Master Yodas of writing. They have in-depth knowledge in this field and can handle almost any type of blogs. Most of these writers are native speakers who worked in the writing niche for years. 

write will for you i - how much to charge for a blog post

Expert writers, in most cases, have numerous certificates, and niche known, or even world-known status. Their freelance blog writing rates are way higher because they worked with different customers starting from personal tasks and up to writing blogs for world-leading companies. That makes them extremely experienced.

How much to charge for a blog post if you are a PRO?

Lord of writing knows the price of their time, and due to the high number of inquiries, they have a right to select with whom they want to work and with whom not. 

Most of them already own their writing companies and have experienced editors in their team and they know the rules to make your blog content delicious. Therefore their blog cost can vary from hundreds of dollars up to thousands.

Still, there are not only pros but cons of working with such writers.


* Superb quality;

* Custom expertise shared in the blog;

* Can manage writing in “your personal voice” or in the voice of your business;

* Will be able to suggest some ideas to make your blog post a top-notch.

* Can handle numerous types of blog posts.


* High price;

* Have thought schedule and can decline to work on your blog due to a high number of inquiries;

* Can’t work with bulk blog articles order, as each blog post requires time to work on;

* The same issue with the urgency, it might take a week or more to write one blog post.

So, it’s up to you to select which freelance writer option suits you best.

Now, let us move on to the writing companies.

Who are these writing services and how do they work?

I’ll try to explain it in the shortest way possible. 

In general, a writing service is a company with a team of writers of different writing qualifications, who specialized in various fields. These writers can work in the head office as a full-time job or on a part-time basis as freelancers.

Most of the writing niche companies are working with writers from all over the globe on a freelance basis. That means that writers do not receive a monthly salary, but ask for bids for each order and finally get a total for the job they have completed during the month.

As well as freelance writers, blog writing services pricing depends on the qualification of the writers you are willing to work with.

What makes writing services a better option is that they have a huge selection of writers who specialize in numerous fields. Also, they usually have an option to select the level of the writer you are willing to work with. Be it a general writer or niche expert.

How much is a blog post completed by a writer’s agency?

Due to the flexibility of assigning writers from a vast team, most writing companies offer better blog post rates than individuals. 

Photo by Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash

There are many different services at different rates. Hence, I decided to provide you with average prices in this part.

Blog writing service pricing

You can find writing services that offer 1000 words blog post writing starting from $40 for a general writer’s work. Can go up to $100-150 if you are willing to pay for a piece written by niche experts. All the prices above are in case your deadline is in a week or two.

If you need a custom article written within the next 24 or 48 hours, the price will increase to the starting point of $80 per 1000 words blog post and up to $300-$400 for “PRO” writers.

Also, many writing services offer additional options.

If you decided to hire an expert freelance blog writer, you can order an option for your final draft to be proofread by an editorial to make it look awesome. The price for extra editorial work can vary from service to service; usually, it’s around 30-40% additional cost to the initial price.

All of us understand that hiring native writers is a good option. You should take into account that some writing services have only native writers on their team. While some other services may ask extra for native writers’ work as their rates are higher. The majority of companies will ask for this option for an additional 10-20% to the initial cost. 

Why work with companies?

Working with writing companies will increase the chance to find the most appropriate writer for your blog writing task. This will save you time searching for individual freelancers who suit you best.

All services are also responsible for the final draft and place their reputation for all writers’ work. Therefore, they mostly have a flexible revision policy that can be a good option for customers who are willing to participate in the writing process and correct the final drafts to make them exactly how they want to.

Not forgetting that most companies have an understandable money-back policy, and even if you pay in advance and do not like the final result, you can ask for a full or partial refund according to the money-back policy you agreed with.

In one of my previous blogs, I have highlighted why it’s an excellent option to go for outsourcing a blog to experts. Check it out to get information in this regard.

Important! Check the company you are willing to work with before you start as the writing field is full of cheaters, or let’s say, law-abiding citizens.

I hope I was able to explain how things work and what are the main principles of pricing for blog writing for both freelance writers and writing services. 

now its your turn - how much to charge for a blog post

There are numerous alternatives available on the web. Therefore, if you are a business or representative searching for the best blog writing rate, it’s your turn to select which option is working better for your needs.

If you are a writer who decided to write blogs for money, you can see that blog writer salary can be quite high. And the most important, you know how much you should charge for a 1000 word article or a blog.

Take your time to read other articles that you can find here in the “blog’n’roll” section of my website.

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