Meet Vasyl

Vasyl Kafidov (also known as Vasy Kafidoff) is the founder and mastermind of the website.

When he’s free from his operational routine, he enjoys writing about education, travel, technology and business ethics.

Some of his friends might say that he’s a real corker and Vasyl will never argue back.

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Proper use of words should not only get leads but bring SALES is one of a kind 2 in 1 place where expert authors meet together to share their knowledge and help other individuals and businesses handle their writing tasks.

1st of all, here you will find lots of useful content for freelancers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Simply check out some face-melting blog ‘n’ roll brought to you by our expert authors and contributors.

2ndly, you can work with Vasy or some of his partnered copywriters if you need professional help with ANY! type of writings.

Website Copy That SALES

Let’s say you have a content writing task for your website. We all know that website copy should describe products or services in an engaging manner that will be understandable for a reader, and bla-bla-blah…

But why does everyone forgets about the primary purpose of any business? What about leads that finally bring sales? Isn’t it the main purpose of the written website content?

We believe that it IS, which is why businesses seek expert writing assistance on the web.

Need to Write an Article for a Blog?

Imagine another situation, you have spent a great vacation in some breathtaking place. You want to share your experience with others in your personal blog or write a short story and contribute it to some famous travel magazine.

Don’t you wish your article forced a reader to fall in love with the place you are describing the same way you did? Someone might think it’s a “clay pigeon”.

SPOILER ALERT! – It is NOT as simple as it seems. That’s where my team and I come to town. We know how to write an engaging article about travel experience even to some all forgotten, but still astonishing villages somewhere in old Europe. Oooy – such a lovely task, just itching to get it done.

“Readable” Technical Writing

Alright, there are many writers who can handle general article writing. What if you need to write a press release for a newly established technical product? Here it comes, our tech writers team.

They know that each tech task is specific and requires specialized knowledge and preliminary research, some of them have previously worked or currently working in technical fields for other companies like PRPosting and elsewhere. Therefore they know how to describe and engage a reader by making strange-sounding technical staff more human!

Hence, if you have ANY writing task, pass it to us. We promise to handle it with effortless elegance and pass back a true masterpiece worth the investment.

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I want to build a better WORD

*it’s not a typo, nah 😉

I always combine good content with an excellent high scraper. For example, Burj Khalifa – a world-known skyscraper based in Dubai, UAE. If we talk about its construction, no matter who has put the last brick (I’m not sure if they were using bricks, but it’s not the main thing here, let me leave it to experts), no matter what modern technologies were used. All this would not have been possible without its fundament.

The same thing is with good content. It won’t be engaging without the right WORDs laid in the base. 

Writers’ world consists of letters that make -> words and then -> phrases that lead to -> sentences from where -> paragraphs come and construct -> stories that grab attention and finally engage a reader.

Final Thoughts

I decided to make because one of the primary purposes of me as a writer is to make a better world using words.