Knock Knock, Is There an Expert to Outsourcing a Blog? – PART 2

Glad you are back for the second part! Ready to read the main reasons why you DO NOT have to write your own blog posts and why outsourcing a blog is a good idea? 

So, let me continue!

Outsourcing a Blog

Should you construct a car if you are not an engineer? Should you start your own expedition to the North Pole if you never even tried to organize any journey? Should you write a blog post if you are not a writer? Of course, NOT!

Once I had the possibility to talk with a friend of mine who I was helping with a website copy for his agro-business. When we finished with the main pages, he decided to add a blog section to his website. And I told him that my team and I can also help him with his blog posts. He just needs to start outsourcing the blog for us.

Here’s how our conversation about blog writing went:

  • “Can you do this? WOW! But isn’t it kind of cheating? I believe that you should have experience in my niche in order to write a blog.”
  • “Bro, it’s up to you, but we can handle any blog post, be it about space invaders, about how to breed rabbits, or your agro blog. We are experts 😉 You give us introductory info and details, and we can do the rest.”

He was absolutely surprised that businesses can hire writers to help them with their blogs. And his wonderment helped me realize that many companies do not even know that there are experts who can assist with their blogs.

As you might read in the FIRST PART of my blog, I strongly believe that each expert should do his job. After that conversation with my friend, the idea to write this type of post came up to my mind.

Why do expert writers who can handle a website copy, still can’t handle blog writing?

So, when you hire an expert to write your website copy or speech letter writer to help you with your product presentation, it is OK, but when we talk about outsourcing blog or article writing – na-na-na, it’s personal, it’s CHEATING!

But let us get back to the realities and daily beings of entrepreneurs or business owners.

Most businesses have a special block of expenses for content creation for their website. They are ready to hire experts for this job because they believe that it requires knowledge in sales to mentally force customers to buy products or services using landing pages. Others think that a writer should have specific skills for an informative website copy to convert visitors to leads.

STOP, but why do they still believe that blog posts can easily be written by anyone?

Partially true. Everyone who has at least intermediate skills in English can physically write a blog. With modern technologies, it’s getting easier and easier each time for a person to write. Even your smartphone can now help you with grammar and assist you with punctuation. 

Sounds easy, especially if I can write a post for Instagram or share my experience of attending a restaurant together with WOW-pictures on my own. But what about a business blog?

Should I outsource blog writing?

If you want your content to speak with your audience, with your loyal or potential customers. If you want this content to move forward leads to sales. I believe this is where expertise is required. And that’s why it’s time to outsource your blog to professionals.

You should outsource your blog

Your blog has the same importance as your landing pages, website content, social media posts and even emails sent.

If I hire a writer for my blog, it won’t be authentic and will lack niche knowledge.

This is a common mistake by businesses or people who hire content writers for their website copy but are afraid to ask for assistance with blog and article writing. So, do you think that it is okay to hire a writer to write a “general copy” for a website? Do you really believe that sales copy doesn’t require to be authentic? 

I can surely say and suggest that if you feel like your website copy is not authentic to your business voice, you better change your content writers from now on. Like people are being greeted by clothes, all the website content is the face and clothes of your business. It’s a question of a first impression that is crucial for your potential customers.

The same thing is with a blog. It should be the same authentic as your other website copy. Your blog should not only describe general information about business life and share the latest news but educate and help your customers. Finally – not forgetting to bring new leads.

I’m a big fan of inbound marketing. Good content marketing strategy is crucial at any stage of your business processes, be it attraction, engage, or/and delight stage.

You can use your blog to educate customers on the attraction stage when they do not even know that they need you. You can help them understand that you can be a solution to their problems.

Also, you can suggest some better options for your potential customers using your blog on the engagement stage. The stage when your potential customers already know that your services or product can be helpful and search for the best possible option between you and your competitors.

Furthermore, the delight stage is also here! Your blog posts can even be used in order to delight your existing customers after purchase by sharing some delightful content for existing loyal clients.

If we talk about the process of work my team and I have with all our customers, we believe in mutual help. Someone can say, I came here for YOUR assistance, what do you mean by MUTUAL

How do we work?

We believe that without help from customers, we won’t be able to provide them with an appropriate final draft. Our clients need to help us by guiding us using a detailed task for their blog or article writing. They can share some previous examples of their work. Or, if they do not have any prior works and just searching for their personal business voice, they can share links to some articles with the style they are searching for. Any information that will help us to personalize the content is essential. 

Also, there should be an understanding between a customer and us, because we work WITH customers, not FOR customers. I believe this is a crucial part of mutual assistance.

Some people believe it’s too expensive to work with blog writers.

This is my favorite part. Let’s face the truth, TOO EXPENSIVE is an extremely relative and vague phrase.

I believe that we can’t just count the price for each blog by hourly rates. Firstly, because each task is custom. Let us look from the business’ side. What will the customer expect from his blog?

Of course, he or she is waiting for the return of investments, and it’s absolutely understandable. Furthermore, if we talk about small and medium businesses where the owner might be writing a blog, by hiring an expert for this task, the owner will save his priceless time. Yes, there are some great examples of famous business owners who write astonishing content, for example, Seth Godin or Tim Ferris, but let’s be honest, there are fewer of them 😉

Well-written pieces for a blog can be done within several hours or even within several days when it comes to articles that require additional research and expertise.

Now think about how you would like to spend this free time if you gave this part of the work to experts? Would you like to create some new product or service, expand your business, or simply spend this time with your lovely ones? It’s up to you to choose. Furthermore, you can always monetize your blog using different methods.

If you outsource your blog you will get a good written piece of content

We had a chance to work with an amazing woman, she is a world-known athlete and personal coach. She spends at least 6-8 hours writing one blog post on her personal website. When we finished with her first blog post with all the final revisions and so on, she told us that by working with us, she was able to not only save money but to earn more. She spent these 6 hours working with her customers by providing private workout sessions and that brought her more money than the cost of one blog post. 

Shout out to Mrs. V!

Now she is our regular customer, and we have completed around 20-25 blog posts for her personal blog while she’s doing her lovely job. Unfortunately, I can’t share her full name, as we agreed on 100% confidentiality, but she will understand that I’m talking about her 😉

Therefore, I would suggest you ask one simple question – How much is your time worth? But, please be as honest with yourself as much as possible. Answered? And now, is it still “too expensive” to work with expert blog writers?

If you still think you SHOULD have written your blog on your own – just do it! 


If you think you should, the sad reality is that you’ll never start. 

“I should go to the gym tomorrow, on Monday, next week, month”…, maybe even YEAR?!? Sounds familiar? Does it? 

“Should” – what a harsh word… It’s a verb without any implemented action.

Should have, could have, don’t matter!

Why do you think you should do it on your own? Did someone ask you to? Your boss? Your wife or husband? Your soul? – if the answer to all these questions is NO – I strongly believe it’s just the voice of your EGO. I know it from my personal experience. I’m also a fan of doing everything on my own. But one day, when you understood that youstuck with your writings and can’t write anymore, you will realize that there were some work you COULD leave to experts, and business blog writing is on the list.

As you might read from my previous blog, I have experience working with many different businesses and customers. Some of them are small local businesses, some others are world-famous. I can surely say that if you have some business gurus or coaches, or follow your niche expert, they might also use expert assistance with content for their blog. Maybe even our help… No, we as writing experts do not do their job, they generate the content. Mostly they are responsible for generating ideas, but I guarantee that most of them or even all are using third-party writing assistance.

Outsource your blog to the real creators

Most of the politicians do not write their speeches, famous actors do not write scripts for their movies and the same thing with businesses – they can use expert writing help. And as an expert, combining good content with an excellent high scraper is important to me. 

Now I hope you realized that it is absolutely normal to ask for professional assistance and outsourcing a blog. It’s totally OK to spend your time on some crucial things, then to write a blog on your own, even in case you like to write, but you do not have enough time, it’s also okay to work with professionals who can help and guide you using a specific writing flow that will be absolutely up to your choice.

Vasy Kafidoff
Vasy Kafidoff

Vasyl Kafidoff is a founder and mastermind of KAFIDOFF.COM. He has a strong interest in education, modern technology, marketing, and business management.

If Vasy is not working, you can find him somewhere in the world attending a Rock Concert with his mates.

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How do you outsource a blog?
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