Eye-opening freelance writing niches

Overall, freelance writing niches can be divided by one of two factors – the topic and the type of content you create. The topic is pretty simple – is the thing you write about most, like tourism or parenting. Content type of freelance writing niches revolves around the form of your texts, whether it is a listicle blog post, ebook, or landing page. 

freelance writing niches
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The highest paying writing jobs always have to do with niche specialization. First of all, when you focus on only one type or subject, you get better at it. You gain more background knowledge and can do it faster and better. Secondly, you get much more effective at pitching your services and finding constant and loyal customers. 

In any case, every beginner freelance writer needs to focus on a particular niche or a couple of them. If you are looking for freelance writing niche ideas, here is a list of what is trending right now. 

Most profitable writing niches according to the subject 

Let’s start with some profitable freelance writing niches for topics that are in high demand now. Of course, it is important to choose a niche you are genuinely interested in, but here are some suggestions. 

1. Finance, Banking, Investment 

This is an old but gold topic to cover. It can be anything in the range of personal budgeting and tips to be more cautious with money and up to serious investment advice. It depends on your liking and the level of expertise. 

And this topic can be given in various forms, from blog posts to podcasts or video scripts. Overall, it is both profitable and broad enough to be set with things to write about for life. 

2. Cryptocurrencies 

The most profitable freelance writing niches wouldn’t be full without this one. I’ve put it aside from the previous one as it requires different knowledge and approach.

The main benefit of this topic is that it is trending and tracks a lot of attention right now. But the downside is that it is hugely specialized and requires a lot of background research. Not to mention that you have to always follow all the latest news. 

3. Sustainability 

Yet another one from popular freelance writing niches as of today. It concerns all issues about the environment, economy, society, and sustainable consumption. One can advise on how to be an eco-friendly traveler, how to reduce waste in everyday life, how to dress up green, or how to advocate for appropriate regulations. 

4. Parenting

Well, this one never goes away. It is a period in life that the majority of people are familiar with or will be in the future. That’s why there is always a demand for such interesting content.

And there are numerous opportunities for ads and brand deals when it comes to products for children. But the only thing is – you need to be a parent for this. 

5. Digital Marketing and Social Media

This is also among the lucrative and most profitable copywriting niches. It is also in high demand now.

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Digital marketing changes the way companies advertise themselves and reach the audience. And social media changes the way we interact with each other and the content.

It is a fast-developing subject that many professionals and individuals are interested in. So if you know a thing or two about digital marketing and social media, it is a valid option. 

6. Education

Education is one of the best freelance writing niches whether you are writing for students, teachers, educators, or new programs available, currently named as EdTech. It’s also on my personal top of topics I’m writing about. One can give tips, review new methods and tools, give advice on colleges, etc. It is all up to personal preference. In any case, there is a huge audience there. 

7. Healthy Lifestyle

In this niche, I combine all content regarding alternative health products, eating healthy, and living cautiously. Fitness gurus, yoga content, and other parts of balancing one’s well-being are also here.

The main goal is to help people to live and feel better. And there is a tremendous market for that, including collaborations with companies. 

Niches for freelance writers by the type of content

Now, let’s talk about the types of writing one can earn with. I will not cover some well-known writing jobs such as copywriting, blogging, or creating content for social media calendars. Those are pretty well-known. Let’s go through some less popular. 

8. Technical Manuals and Tutorials

Yeah, not the most exciting idea, but it is a valuable skill. Such writing deals with specific style and terminology. It is better to have some technical background or be interested in technology. And you’ll need to explain everything in very simple words. 

9. Video Scripts

It is a lot like writing movie scripts, but for advertising or entertaining videos.

One can write for companies that are interested in video marketing. Others can create scripts for internet personalities and YouTubers. Overall, it is a very creative task that also pays well. 

10. White Papers

This niche concerns all the official texts for brands and companies that usually do not directly promote their products or services. They are often B2B and can differ in the topics (depends on the industry and company’s core activity). 

11. Ultimate Guides

These are not just usual blog posts. These are long (from 2,000 words) and well-researched texts that cover the topic extensively. You can write such texts for your own website or outside clients. The core here is to be very objective, fact-based, and give answers to all popular inquiries on this particular subject in one reading. 

12. Case Studies 

It is one of the types of writing for companies and corporations. Case studies are aimed at the target audience.

They illustrate how the product or service has helped previous customers and can help the new ones. It features the problem, the solution, statistic results, and conclusion. It is formal yet marketing-based writing. 

13. Landing Pages

A landing page is the one you land on when you click on a website from a search result’s list. This niche is trending as well as digital marketing and all things online presence.

Everyone needs a website now with a great landing page. To be an expert one needs not only to be a good copywriter and marketer but also to know SEO rules and guidelines. 

14. Advertorials

It is a combination of journalism and marketing at one. These are articles printed in the magazines with the “advertisement” mark on them. Basically, it is a well-written and useful article that also promotes specific products or services. 

15. Brochures

It is a somewhat rare niche, but if you find a way into it, it is quite profitable. Yes, there are fewer websites to find freelance brochure writing jobs, but you better use this as a chance 😉

Brochures can be devoted to anything, from an industry-specific conference to a medical product.

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The opportunities are great. And it is less formal usually than white papers. One will need to be great at copywriting and marketing. 

Choose your freelance writing niche wisely

Whether you decide to focus rather on the topic or the type of writing, choosing a niche is crucial for success. It is exactly what makes one from a part-time freelancer to a full-time high-end professional. Select topics that are close to your interests and experience. 

Vasy Kafidoff
Vasy Kafidoff

Vasyl Kafidoff is the founder and mastermind of KAFIDOFF.COM. He has a strong interest in education, modern technology, marketing, and business management.

If Vasy is not working, you can find him somewhere in the world attending a Rock Concert with his mates.

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