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The 4 writing skills bloggers are looking for – and NOT finding.

When it comes to blogging, you’ve probably heard that “writing skills for bloggers are essential”. Everybody says that but what does it actually mean?  There are lots of articles on how to become a better writer, but the only thing they suggest is writing more. If you want to write, you’d better write. Well, it […]

9 simple yet impact ways to make your blog content delicious.

Hey there! Have you ever asked yourselves what makes a good blog post? How to create content for a blog and what to put in it? I’m going to answer all these questions in this article by providing my custom blog writing tips. Most of the content creators spend hours, days, and even weeks on […]

Knock Knock, Is There an Expert to Outsourcing a Blog? – PART 2

Glad you are back for the second part! Ready to read the main reasons why you DO NOT have to write your own blog posts and why outsourcing a blog is a good idea?  So, let me continue! Should you construct a car if you are not an engineer? Should you start your own expedition […]